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1968/05     Established Royal Electronics Corp., in Seoul, and started the first Korean carbon film resistor factory.

1972/06     Began domestic production of carbon film resistors using his own process and hand-made machinery.  A first in Korea.

1973-76     Employed as chief engineer at Sungmi Electronics Co. And succeeded in producing carbon composition resistors and
improved type of carbon film resistor.

1978/10     Established DF Electronics Co., and produced precision carbon film resistors and oxide metal film resistors with a
                tolerance of
0.5%. Another first.

1979/06     Produced precision metal film resistors with tolerances of 0.25%.  Also for the first time.

1980/08     Produced metal glazed resistors. 0.5W, 26M, 0.5% tolerance.

1986/06     Incorporated DF Electronics Co. . Assumed it’s presidency and reorganized it into a specialized producer of power,
wire-wound resistors.  Exported cement resistor production machinery to China via Hong Kong.

1986/10     Exported wire-wound resistors to PCN, Japan.

1988/11     Incorporated DF Electronics Co., assumed it's presidency and reorganized it into a specialized producer of power, wire
resistors.  Exported cement resistor production machinery to China via Hong Kong.

1988/11    As president and founding member of Dale Electronics Co., Inc., he engaged in setting up production machinery and a
sales system.

1989/01    He established RARA Electronics Co. using sole personal investment. He started producing:  wire wound temperature
                sensors with a tolerance of +-0.1%, potentiometers, metal clad precision resistors (60W - 500W, 0.1% to 10%), load
                testers. (he was awarded 6 Korean Government patents at this time)

1990/10    He was awarded a special merit citation for new innovations at the 21st Korean Electronics Exhibit which was hosted by
                the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

2002/02    Mr. Yong Chul Kim, president and founder of RARA Electronics Corporation, passed away on February 7th, 2002.




1989/01    RARA Electronics Co. was established in Koean-Dong, Buchon, Korea.

1990/01    The first shipment of RARA resistors to PCN, in Japan.

1991/10    The company moved to Sosa-Dong, Buchon-City.

1992/12    RARA signed a sole agentship contract with VISHAY Resistive Systems®(USA) for import and sale of bulk metal foil

1993/04    RARA awarded a general sales agentship for the EC area to Rhopoint Electronics Ltd.®(UK) and began to exportmetal-
                clad resistors to European countries.

1995/04    RARA moved to its present location.  The current facility covers 1010 square meters and comprises the factory floor
                and the administration offices.

1996/12    RARA awarded a general sales agentship to MayerKrieg Co.®(Australia) to distribute to Oceania.

1996/12    RARA awarded a general sales agentship to Isotek®(USA) to distribute to NAFTA countries.

1996/06    RARA received an IP54 test certificate from BSI(UK) for the successful testing of the IRF500 CJ type resistor.

1998/10    RARA became ISO9001 certified by TUV Rheinland® of Germany.

2000/04    RARA changed it's legal status to corporate form.

2000/05    RARA completed a 924 square meter addition to the factory.

2000/07    The Small and Medium Business Association of Korea certified RARA as a promising business in the area of exports.

2000/08    Incheon Metropolitan City certified RARA as an overall: "Promising Small and Medium Business".

2000/09    RARA signed an exclusive agentship agreement with ADL Company® of the Russian Federation.

2001/11    RARA signed an non-exclusive agentship agreement with Mobicon Holdings Limited® of Hong Kong for distribution
                in H.K. and Singapore.

2002/08    RARA signed an exclusive agentship agreement with Burisch Elektronik Bauteile GmbH® of Austria for distribution in
                Austria, Hungary, Czech Republik & Switzerland.

2003/02    The founder of RARA Electronics Corporation passed away. Mr. S. G. Kim took on the job as RARA's second president.

2003/05    RARA obtained UL508 approval on ULV/ULH60-500 models and ULV600-1200 models.  UL File # E227820, Project #

2003/06    RARA obtained IP65 certification on ULV/ULH60-500 models and ULV600-1200 models.  Testing and evaluation was
                carried out by TUV Rheinland of Germany.  Registration # AK50027231 0001.

    RARA completed an addition to it's floor space.  This is visible as the two story structure on the right. (Pictured above) 
                This addition brings the total floor space to 1106.6 square meters.

2003/12    RARA obtained UL508 approval on ULN/ULF50-500 models. UL File # E227820, Project # 03SC07685.

2005/09    RARA completed another addition to the factory bringing total floor space to 1472 square meters.

2006/01    The Korean government certified RARA R&D Centre came online.  Korean government certificate number 20061002.

2009/        RARA received IP67 approval for several SPR models from Korea Testing Labs®.

2011/        RARA completed a 400m2 4th floor bringing total floor space to 1872 m2 .

2012/        RARA's CEO was presented with an award by Korea's Minister of Knowledge Economy .  This award can be
                seen in our news section.

2013/11    RARA obtained BS EN ISO9001 : 2008 and ISO/TS 16949 : 2009 to enhance our automotive industry

2015/03    RARA received AEC-Q200 certification in the area of automotive passive components for our BWS chip
                shunt resistor.

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