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This year, 2018, marks RARA's thirtieth year of business.  With a combined effort from all the RARA teams and our international agents, we have made solid, steady progress as a high power resistor manufacturer.

Through our network of licensed agents, RARA is  already  exporting to Japan, the USA, Australia, Russia and Europe. In total, RARA has approximately eighty customers in forty countries. To understand how RARA has grown so fast, in a highly competitive global marketplace, you must understand our business  practices. We are committed to:   the production of high quality products, an ongoing R&D program, unparalleled customer service, a conscientious attitude toward our environment and  a positive workplace for our employees.


RARA will continue to offer state-of-the-art products at reasonable costs and maintain it’s program of product development to best suit our customers. RARA’s newly recognized R&D center provides custom design service and technical support.

RARA would like to give customers a “ONE-STOP SOLUTION” with all kinds of resistive products.

With best regards,

Mr. Sang Gon Kim, President


January 1st, 2017






By 2020 we will be the most competitive industrial resistor manufacturer in the world.



By providing the best services and solutions, both RARA and customers, which are closely knit partners, are bound to achieve successes.



Strict observation of standards.


Constant Change.

To show kindness and consideration.







RARA Electronics Company was established on January 20th, 1989 in Bucheon, South Korea.The company was started by Y. C. Kim, the president, and his son S. G. Kim, a graduate from Ah-Ju University with a B.Eng. in electronics engineering.  The original production facility was the rented second floor of a commercial building.  As of April 6th, 2000 the legal designation of RARA changed to corporate form. The initial capital was five hundred million won.


Aggregate Capital:
In 2013 the aggregate capital was US$4,500,000


RARA currently employs 58 people.

RARA's main products fall into ten main groups:

1/          High power, metal clad, wire wound
2/          Current sensing
3/          Precision
4/          Power film
5/          RF
6/          High voltage
7/          Potentiometers
8/          Inductors 
9/          Heaters


Sales for 2016:
-domestic:  KRW5,800,000,000
-foreign:  US$3,580,000


Registered Design Patents:
No. 105617,   No. 105617-1

No. 114769,   No. 114769-1

No. 105610,   No. 114770-1

No. 184569,   No. 184570-1


Registered Utility Model Patents:
No. 108999    No. 109000

No. 0146991  No. 0146992

No. 0208046  No. 0221713


Invention Patents:
No. 0208046

Reference Bank:
The Industrial Bank of Korea,
Yon-Su Branch, Incheon,
South Korea
Account No.: 381-011672-01-014
Depositor: RARA Electronics Corporation
Swift Code: IBKO KRSE


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RARA Electronics Corporation
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Incheon, Korea  21691


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