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Metal Clad Wire Wound Precision Current Sensing
Power Film High Voltage Cement Ceramic
High Frequency High Power Heater Variable




RARA Electronics News for June, 2022:
RARA recently changed its legal status from corporation to limited liability company.


RARA Electronics News for September, 2019:
In this picture the RARA team is at the famous Pier 39. Pier 39 is a shopping center
and popular tourist attraction built on a pier in San Francisco, California. At Pier 39,
there are shops, restaurants, a video arcade, street performances, the Aquarium of
on docks on Pier 39's marina.


Here is a picture of the group at the Palace of Fine Arts and Theatre. The
Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina District of San Francisco, California, is a
monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915 Panama-Pacific
Exposition in order to exhibit works of art presented there.


Here is the staff in front of the Tesla factory.  I think I can see Elon
Musk in the back row.


This is taken at the Robert Mondavi Winery in Napa Valley. This
winery offers tours and also musical performances.


RARA Electronics news for November 2018
This year RARA exhibited at Electronica 2018.This photo shows, from
left to right, Mr. SH Park, Mr. SG Kim, CEO, Mr. Hur & Mr. Jongwan Kim.


In this picture, Sansonic Electronics from China.




In this picture, Isabellenhuette.


Isabellenhuette once again.


In this picture, our old friends from Nikkohm, Japan.


In this picture, three members from the RARA team and Dr. Hidaka, Nikkohm.


Here we have, PCN, Japan.


Our long time distributor from the UK, Rhopoint.


Rhopoint again.


RARA Electronics news for July 2018
Mr. Kim Sang-Gon , RARA President, received a "Best Engineer In Korea" award from the minister
Minister of Science and Technology.


The award.


Mr. Kim and his wife receiving the award.




Final ceremony.


RARA Electronics news for May 2018
Mr. Kim Sang-Gon , RARA President, attending a presidential citation awards ceremony.  The
Administrator of small medium-size enterprises handing out the medals.
Mr. Kim Sang-Gon ,
RARA President, just after receiving the award.


Moving down the line.


 All of the recipients.


Close up of the medal and citation.


RARA Electronics news for May 2018
Mr. Kim Sang-Gon , RARA President, received a presidential citation for contributions
to the development of industry in Korea.  This document is signed by Korean President,
Moon Jae-In.


RARA Electronics news for December 2017
RARA was presented with an award from the Korea International Trade
Association for exceeding US$3,000,000 in sales.


In this picture the Mayor of Incheon is presenting the award to RARA employee
Jong-Won Kim.


In this picture other outstanding exporters receive their awards.


RARA Electronics news for May 2017.
RARA attended PCIM in Europe on May 16-18.


In this picture, from left to right, is Mr. SH Kim. Next is Mr. SG Kim, CEO.
Then an esteemed employee of Isabellenheute and finally Mr. Seong
production manager at RARA.


The RARA team with PCN from Japan.


On the left and middle, two Mr. Kims, father and son, and on the right Mr.
SH Park, overseas sales manager.


The RARA Team.


RARA Electronics news for November 2016.
RARA attended Electronics 2016.


In this picture, from left to right, is Mr. SG Kim, CEO of RARA. Next our overseas
sales manager, Mr. SH Park. Then the staff of Weltron.


Another picture with Weltron.


In this picture are the RARA staff and Walsin staff.


Another picture with Walsin.


In this picture we are talking with Swissdis.


In this picture our old friends from Rhopoint.


Our partners from Spain. RC Micro.



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