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Metal Clad Wire Wound Precision Current Sensing
Power Film High Voltage Cement Ceramic
High Frequency High Power Heater Variable


A Message from
the CEO



RARA Electronics celebrated its 33rd anniversary this year.

Thanks to the cooperation and efforts of all RARA Electronics management, employees and worldwide distributors, RARA Electronics has developed solidly and continuously as a resistor manufacturer.

Through a network of worldwide distributors, RARA Electronics has been actively exporting to Japan, the United States, Brazil and Europe, and currently has 80 overseas customers in approximately 40 countries.

The driving force behind the rapid growth of RARA Electronics, in a highly competitive global market, is our unique business strategy.

RARA Electronics established the first resistor research institute in Korea and developed customer-specific products quickly and inexpensively to supply competitive markets. To practice a corporate philosophy of solving all problems related to resistors, we have partnered with firms in the United States, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and China.

RARA Electronics provides a “ONE-STOP SOLUTION” service for industrial and special resistors.

Thank you

July 3rd, 2022




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